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INOCON - Applications - Machine and Plant Construction

Applications, fixtures, also in connection with square profiles

Cost-intensive profile applications can be simply and well-priced enlarged or replaced by clamps of the divided construction unit. By this also linear units are capable of being integrated and even just tubes represent a low-cost alternative to profiles. Pictured here are angle clamps, which enable a 90°-connection and a connection as well from round to square as vice versa.

Screens, control boxes and operator panels are connected by a flange plate with a joint clamp. Thus evolving a very stable and simultaneously fixture, which provides for an arbitrary areal, multidimensional assembly.

This supervision platform is constructed mainly of clamps diameter 50 mm and aluminium tubes. Only the added stairs, the platform itself and the rollers are purchasing parts.

The vertical bars have a lengths of 4 metres, the total heights is ca. 5,5 metres. The platform is locked by a railing and the access is regulated by a flap bar. Shown by the detail pictures are the heights adjustment on the rollers and the universal insertion of the tube connection system.