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INOCON - Applications - Linear Units Double Tube

Example of applications with INOCON - linear units double tube

Example 1: Dual sytem of double-tube linear units with transmission unit and angle gears, each version with single guide element (Picture 1a) and double guide element incl. adapter plate, turned inside about 90° (Picture 1b). As accessory is also available an electric hand wheel, optionally with position indicator (Picture 1c).

Example 2: Two axis system, also called cross-table, for stable positioning of air-driven engraving, consisting of two double-tube linear units with position indicator, additionally with clamping plate and adjustment lever to fix the unit (Picture 2a). The unit below is additionally equipped with an angle gear, so that the operation is possible from one side only (Picture 2b).

Example 3: From 3D-construction drawing (Picture 3a) to comleted product, here a carton erector, consisting of four double-tube linear units with right- and left-hand thread for symmtric adjustment, each unit with double guide element and adatper plate as well as supporting elements in the middle of each unit (Picture 3b). The deflection is realised by angle gears and a transmission unit.

Example 4: Optionally it is possible to extend the guide tubes of the unit to simplify the integration in your system (Picture 4). Therefore, the tubes can be extended almost arbitrarily and with the help of our universal assembly kit of clamp connectors find an ideal and complete solution for your application. The clamps serve for a adjustment possiblity in any direction, even swinging around the own axis is no problem.

Example 5: For double-tube linear units a stainlees steel version is available, too. Here, guide tubes, spindle and bearings are made of stainlees steel. The alumnium guide- and fixing elements can optionally be chemical nickle-plated. This high-quality electroless nickel, called DURNI COAT©, has stainlees steel properties, because of its excellent corrosion resistance. Also, it is food safe and therefore absolutely made for use in alkaline and acids solutions (Picture 5).