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Welcome to INOCON – Connecting Solutions

Since 1997, our innovative construction elements are available on the market and are enjoying increasing demand. Based in Rheinbach near Bonn, we ship our products mainly to German and European customers, but also worldwide. Companies from various industries, such as the general special machining and plant engineering, automotive suppliers, crafts and research & development are our customers.

Especially our clamp connectors s flexible connecting elements and linear units as simple positioning application are used in packaging machines, in the labeling and materials handling, as testing and laboratory setups and fixture in any type of constructions, racks and brackets.

The INOCON range comprises two main product groups: Clamp connectors and clamp mountings for connecting round and square tubes, aluminum and stainless steel, for the diameter range of 8-60 mm in various types of flexible and stable structures.

Linear units as single-tube or double-tube version for manual or electric positioning of your application, for example, as height adjustment or width adjustment of production lines. Again, steel and stainless steel versions in the tube diameters 18, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm are available for various tasks.

An extensive range of accessories, such as tubes made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel; Clamping levers, hand wheels, guide elemenet for linear units, position indicators etc. round off the product range.

The program undergoes constant enhancements in every product group and new developments, which are often inspired by our customers' applications!

In addition, we are known as a manufacturer of special machines, especially for sheet, profiling and curving technology in roof and wall cladding, as a global specialist.

We are not just there for you online! For general questions or for technical advice, we are reachable by phone at: 02226-909870.

With passion and forward urge to develop the existing

Everything is on the move - including our company and our employees. Movement always brings changes. There has also been a change in our management since 01.08.2018 ...

New INOCON General Catalog 2018/19

The new INOCON General Catalog 2018/19 with price list is published! Request your freshly printed copy here or use this link for free download of the PDF file.

NEW! Enhanced products area on our Website

Discover the newly designed and greatly expanded product range on our site with many pictures and information on clamp connectors, clamp mountings and linear units together with accessories!

Application example: special solution according to customer requirements

Single tube linear unit with spring-actuated guide elements A customer presents us following task: Building boards should be coated with foil and for this purpose 2 separate pinch rollers with different contact pressures should be used...